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Character Stats Framework.


URL: polarhound
  • Full Name: Naga/ Naga Qimmiq 
  • Nickname(s): Girl, Bad Polarbear Dog
  • Age: ?/21
  • Birthdate: January 13
  • Species: Polarbear Dog/ Human
  • Nationality: Southern Water Tribe
  • Gender: Female
  • Preferred Pronoun(s): She/Her
  • Religion: Spirits?? 
  • Occupation: Avatar’s pet/ loyal companion 
  • Status: living.
  • Fandom: LOK
  • Face Claim: cartoon: Kida, RL: brea grant 
  • Parents: Senna & Tonraq 
  • Siblings: Korra 
  • Family: Pabu, Asami, Bolin, Mako, 
  • Significant Other(s): Elsa 
  • Children: Lumi 
  • Closest ‘Friends’: Korra & Elsa
  • Rivals: Asami 
  • Enemies: Anyone who wants to hurt Korra or Elsa 
Physical Traits (HUMAN) 
  • Eye Color(s): blue
  • Hair Color(s): platinum blonde/white
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Body Build: Slim, Muscular, Physically fit, takes a lot of pride in her body. 
  • Notable Physical Traits: She has tribal tattoos on her back and bear paws tattooed on the bottom of her feet. 
Phobias and Diseases
  • Phobia(s): Losing Korra and Elsa, besides that she is pretty fearless. 
  • Mental Disease/Disorder(s): A little depression due to her abandonment issues. 
  • Physical Disease(s): n/a. 
  • When was this diagnosed and/or how did it happen?: n/a.
  • Usual Mood/Expression: playful/hungry 
  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Five Prominent Traits: loyal, impulsive, playful, empathetic, sweetheart 
  • Skills: very fast and is a total powerhouse, however she tends not to think about it before she attacks due to animal like instincts or shes taking orders. 
  • Element: Water/Ice.
  • Animal: Dog 

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Beifongs being left alone with the Avatar’s animal guide

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