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───    ─

❝ I will pretend I didn’t hear that— ❞

      She’s not insulting her intelligence because she’s indulging herself in the frozen yogurt, and she’s quickly done—having Kendo practice in the morning made her a little exhausted, and she didn’t even like Kendo as much as she liked actual combat.

     ❝It’s the good kind of meat, and the menus are indeed translated under each name. There’s no need for me to annoy myself by having to explain everything to you.  ❞

The cup is empty and she stands up swiftly, taking the keys of one of her father’s cars out of her bag. 

      ❝I’ll set the GPS in the car, you are driving. ❞

 Azula did not enjoy to walk, even when her driving license was actually a learning license. 

{❆} ——

     "I am pretty sure I was spot on." 

  She knew she was dead wrong, but she loved provoking the younger one. Luckily for her she was to busy with her frozen yogurt to battle her anymore. Naga leaned on her hand and watched her with a raised brow, the princess of a woman did everything in a very specific way…even eating was something she did with pride and poise. The bear of a woman grew up on the streets so all of this was kind of new to her, she could handle herself but with pure power. A punch to the teeth by her was like getting hit by a large animal, she could be vicious when someone she loved was in trouble, but she knew very well that the regal girl in front of her was more than capable of watching herself. 

                      She would still bust some teeth for her though. 

      "Whats the difference again? Meat is meat. Awh come on you would               translate anyway for me, I know you would because you wouldn’t                          want me to embarrass you with my terrible french…or is                                                  that…hmmn." 

Naga stood as well grabbing her keys before listening to Azula as she tilted her head like a curious dog would. 

                    "You don’t want to take my truck?" 

  The woman had a beat up blue and white pickup truck that was less than fancy, it was a real fixer upper with a paw print sticker in the back corner window. The passenger seat was normally littered with trash and dog tags hung from her window. It was definitely NOT up to Azula’s taste. The woman had her license and was for the most part a very responsible driver. 



───    ─

❝ Then, give it to me. ❞

      It was more of an order than it was a diplomatic solution. Azula really liked it, mostly because it wasn’t as sweet and fattening, but also because this brand was pretty expensive. Though honestly, it was the choice of her tastebuds.

     ❝If you clearly have no taste then we can later go to L’Agneau Et Viande, I refuse to go to this so called ‘joint.’  ❞

{❆} ——

                    "Please take it." 

     She pushed it over to Azula with a raised brow, she still didn’t explain why she liked this fat free no taste frozen junk. Why get this when you could easily get ice cream for less cost and better taste? Not to mention all the extra flavors, she commonly went to icecream shops with her partner, but now she questioned if she would like this stuff as well until the woman interrupted her thoughts. 

         ”L’avenue E.T. Vin diagram? What kind of name is that?”

With a sigh the girl submitted knowing Azula always got her way, and she would rather not make it more painful than it had to be. She was loyal and faithful like a dog, she would always be there even if it killed her.

                                           At this rate it might. 

       ”Alright you win, no burger joints. I do think you will have to translate                                                 the menu for me.” 



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One Chi my friend one Chi. I moved to Texas and I have this problem now, I never had this problem before. Chi is my nickname too, not two Chis just one Chi. 

Ever seen Chi’s sweet home? Way back in the day that is how I got that nickname, Chi that little kittten? That is who I am nicknamed after. I am afraid I don’t know spanish? Didn’t study it because I went deaf on one side of my head…took ASL as a substitute. Yeah I have zero spanish and I won’t pretend I do. 

I took 2 years of french 3 years of ASL, and born English speaking. I know some German because of an exchange student friend of mine a few years back, but that’s my limit. My dad really wants me to learn Spanish always quizzing me in it and my Father’s girlfriend is from China so she wants me to learn Chinese. I have issues with both, can’t do both at the same time. Wish my spanish was better so I could make my Father’s phonecalls for him, but it just isn’t. I am trying my best friend. 

Maybe I need a tutor to teach me Spanish then Chinese

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